America's inevitable war is now an invisible one

(CNN)Sixteen years ago this Saturday, US troops entered Afghanistan. The decision to dispatch troops was prompt, and the public reaction in America was mostly positive. There was a sense of inevitability: The United States had experienced the deadliest-ever terrorist attack on its soil. It was time to go get the bad guys who planned it and the hosts that offered them sanctuary.


Afghanistan: 16 years, thousands dead and no clear end in sight

(CNN)America's longest war continues to trudge on and the bodies continue to pile up. The summer of 2017 has been a bloody one in Afghanistan, with the death toll numbering in the hundreds. Suicide bombers have targeted funerals and banks. A massive blast in June killed at least 150 in the capital of Kabul. Another this month rocked a Shiite mosque. According to the United Nations, the number of civilians killed in a six-month period reached an eight year record high. More than 15 years after Operation Enduring Freedom began, the Taliban is again making major gains in Afghanistan -- and shows no signs of abating. The government there controls only 63.4% of the country, as of August last year.


Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico 'forever'

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that Puerto Rico is going to have to shoulder more responsibility for recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, saying the federal government's emergency responders can't stay there "forever." His comments -- in which he also blamed the beleaguered island for a financial crisis "largely of their own making" and infrastructure that was a "disaster" before the hurricane -- come as Puerto Rico still reels from a lack of electricity, public health access and a rising death toll.


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